Missguided’s Unicorn Dreams

When it was revealed that Missguided were going to be launching a flagship store at Westfield, Stratford City, it was obvious the store was going to be something like no other. The store opened mid November and the preview included 300+ guests, including the likes of Sarah Ashcroft, Yasmine Chanel and Baddie Winkle.

Missguided cocktails were served, called “Unicorn Dreams”, “Hater Tears”, “Bitch Power” and “Cup of slay”. Wah Nails and Keash Braids also joined the party. 

But what I really want to talk about right now – having visited the store twice already – is just how AMAZING the visual merchandising is. It’s only when you see visual merchandising done to an exceptional standard like what Missguided have done, that you realise just how important it can be. The entrance of the store speaks volumes, with a huge pink land rover in the entrance, donut style tyres and several mannequins nearby, not to mention hundreds of pink dollar bills spilled in the air. Is this originality at it’s finest? I think so.

But of course that’s not all, head up the escalator and queue the mannequins with unicorn heads and wigs, the ‘Unicorn Dreams’ vending machine and the perfectly arranged shoe section. The store manages to captivate exactly what Missguided is about based from their online presence. They have literally injected the whole store with some serious sass and Missguided personality.

What I found really striking was the creative use of mannequins, not only the unicorn ones, but just the simplicity of using more unique and creative positions and multicoloured hair – and I’m talking neon blue hair here. Take the two mannequins riding a motorbike for example. The mannequins manage to embody the Missguided customer, sassy, fashionable and care-free, but oh-so trendy.

Witty POS is also a key theme throughout the store, whose idea was it to have the words ‘get naked’ instead of ‘fitting room’? Genius. ‘Send me nudes x’ is spalled across the lingerie and nightwear section in pink neon writing. Other quotes include ‘99% unicorn’ above the unicorn mannequins, ‘eat pray slay’ and ‘make the naughty list this year’ in the window. Such small detail but yet so effective when getting across their brand DNA. Snapchat is obviously the Missguided girls best friend so have no fear, the brand have even provided their snapchat account for those who want to show off their love for the brand and store. Selfie with a unicorn-headed mannequin anyone?

Great job Misguided team, you’ve pushed the boundaries for visual merchandising and as a visual merchandising enthusiast, I’m loving what you’ve pulled off. 

Originally posted on my personal blog.


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